Have you ever wondered to yourself, ‘Where has the time gone?’

In 2016, I made it my missions to stop watching time go by without doing the things I wanted to do, or seeing the things I wanted to see. So I created My Bucket List

‘That’s easily said than done’, you might think. And you’d be right. It’s very easy to write a list of things you want to do, but what makes you actually accomplish them?

Be accountable for your list, give it to someone else to see, display it publically like I have for the whole world to see on my blog!

This 11-page guide will teach you the tips and tricks on how to put together the ultimate bucket list you dream of and how exactly to start ticking things off the list. 

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What You’ll Get

  • How to create your own dream bucket list
  • How to start ticking things off your list immediately
  • Ideas for your bucket list (nothing is too big or small)
  • Templates to fill out your bucket list items


  1. I love your bucket list with the arrows you linked, it’s definitely made me think about what I want to do before I get too committed to things!

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