Christmas is just around the corner and while there has been a lot of adventure and travel deprivation this year, it’s not too late to cheer up a loved one (or yourself!) by getting one of these amazing gifts for adventurers and travel lovers.

When I’m not travelling or looking for something adventurous to do, I’m planning my next trip and reminiscing of adventures past. I’ve put together a list of 45 gift ideas for all budgets, with some even as low as $5! Give the gift of adventure this year for Christmas.

Pin Christmas gift ideas for adventurers and travel lovers

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45 Ideas For Christmas Gifts For Adventurers & Travel Lovers

Budget friendly – less than $20

We all love a bargain, am I right?! Here are some of my favourite picks for budget gifts for adventurers that cost less than $20.

1. Packing Cubes

Packing cubes are a great addition to your luggage and help keep your clothes organised and wrinkle free. Veken packing cubes are water resistant so even if your suitcase or backpack get wet, they will keep your clothes dry. As an added bonus, this set also includes a shoe bag and a laundry bag.

Price: $16.99

2. Travel Journal

I love planning my trips ahead of time, writing an itinerary and packing list, and my travel journal comes out as soon as I get to the airport. This travel journal helps you to plan your trip, create a packing list and keep track of your budget along the way.

Price: $13.95

3. Eye Mask

This super cute silk eye mask comes in different designs and is perfect for getting a better sleep on a long flight. It is ideal for dry eye sufferers as it is naturally breathable.

Price: $9.99

4. Ear Plugs

never travel without my earplugs. Whether it’s a noisy neighbour on the plane (I actually got moved to business class because of a noisy snorer – comment below for more details!) or just the strange sounds of a new country, a good nights’ sleep is essential for me when travelling.

Price: $9.97

5. Printable City Skylines

If you’re looking for a special gift that’s somewhat personalized but doesn’t break the bank, why not buy one of these digital download city skylines? Simply print yourself or send to a print shop and pop in a frame!

Price: $7.34

6. Travel Prints & Quotes

There are so many travel quotes and prints available on Etsy that your travel obsessed adventurer will love!

Price: From $18.44

7. Collapsible Water Bottle

Perfect for those who like to pack light, this collapsible water bottle reduces down to just 4cm! It can be used for both hot and cold drinks, is BPA free and non spill.

Price: $10.98

8. Personalized Luggage Tags

These personalized luggage tags will keep your luggage safe and identifiable in a busy airport. Simply choose the colour and the name you want to appear on the luggage tag and enjoy!

Price: $17.73

9. Travel Adapter

Give a loved one a practical gift of a universal travel adapter this Christmas. This travel adapter can be used in 160 countries worldwide and can be used to charge up to 5 devices at the same time.

Price@ $18.95

10. Camper Mug

The perfect gift for adventurers who like to hike and camp. Every happy camper needs a unique camper mug. It’s lightweight, durable and multifunctional. Use it for your favorite beverage or a hot meal, and attach it to your bag for easy access on a hike.

Price: $18.50

11. Travel Book

There’s nothing quite like reading others’ stories of adventure to inspire you. My favourite travel book I read this year was Love With A Chance of Drowning. A light read, Torre deRoche tells the true story of falling in love and travelling around the world with her other half in a sail boat, all the while being terrified of the water!

Price: $8.88

12. Scratch Off World Map

Get the whole family involved in scratching off the countries you’ve been to and planning which countries are next on your list. This Scratch Off Travel Map also shows all the flags of the world for scratching off too.

Price: $18.99

13. Travel Wallet

The Zoppen Travel Wallet can hold your passport, airline ticket and phone, as well as having space for cash and cards. I tend to use my travel wallet for day to day uses as well as for travel as it holds so much!

Price@ $14.99

14. Foot Sling

A foot sling is one of my essentials for a long haul flight. Whether you’re short like me and can’t reach the floor of the plane or you need some extra leg room, a foot sling offers various positions to keep you comfortable throughout your flight.

Price: $14.97

15. Neck Pillow

Another one for comfort on the plane is the MLVOC memory foam travel pillow. It’s a super comfortable travel pillow and even comes with ear plugs, an eye mask and a little storage pouch.

Price: 19.99

16. Personalized Passport Cover

Add one of these leather personalized passport covers to your travel accessory Christmas wish list.

Price: $18.50

17. Hydration Spray

Essential for keeping hydrated and fresh on a long flight, this Evian Facial Spray is refreshing when you need it most and it comes in a pack of two. I always have it when travelling to humid countries to keep me cool throughout the day also.

Price: $16

18. Christmas Ornament

I try not to collect too much from my travels, but Christmas ornaments is one thing I do collect. This gold leaf globe Christmas ornament is the perfect gift to inspire wanderlust this year.

Price: $13

Travel Christmas ornament

19. Quick Drying Travel Towel

A great gift for hikers and those who love camping, the Rainleaf Microfiber Towel is quick drying, lightweight and super absorbent. It also comes in various sizes and colours.

Price: $11.99

20. Sunscreen

Whether you burn or not, it is so important to use sunscreen when out in the sun, given the damage it can do. I am a burner and I have tried and tested so many different brands over the year. I found P20 sunscreen to be the best I’ve used. I can put it on once a day and it lasts all day long, even after swimming.

Price: 18.99

21. Waterproof Phone Covers

My favourite of the budget friendly gifts for adventurers is this waterproof phone cover. It can be used for hiking in bad weather, kayaking, and other water activities. And the best thing is that it comes with two covers – bargain!

Price: $8.99

Outdoor adventure gifts

These ideas are particularly good gifts for adventurers who love to be outside. Here’s my pick.

22. Hammock

If your loved ones is a camping fanatic, this camping hammock is a great gift for them. And for you, because it’s a double hammock! It comes with the necessary tree straps and it’s super easy to set up.

Price: $31.99

23. Solar Charger

A great outdoor adventure gift is this BigBlue Solar Charger. Great for longer camping trips to ensure you always have enough power for your devices.

Price: $69.96

24. Headlamp

An inexpensive gift for hiking and camping fanatics alike is this Energizer headlamp, with separate setting for night mode.

Price: $10.99

25. Leatherman

Scissors, knives, can opener, the Leatherman Wingman is equipped with 14 tools to handle almost anything that crops up on your camping trip.

Price: $59.95

26. Survival Bracelet

This one is actually on my Christmas wish list! A survival bracelet can help when you encounter problems while hiking or camping, It has a fire starter, reliable compass, loud emergency whistle, emergency knife and 12 feet of military-grade para-cord.

Price: $12.99

27. Lifestraw

An unbelievably inexpensive piece of equipment which can save your life, the Lifestraw allows you to drink water out of the dirtiest of puddles in cases of emergencies, by removing 99.9999% of waterborne bacteria.

Price: $19.99

28. Inflatable Kayak

Bring it with you on your next camping trip and enjoy a peaceful kayak ride down any river or lake you come across!

Price: $146.99

All about the bags

Whether you’re a light packer or bring everything you own on a trip, everyone needs some sort of baggage for a trip!

29. Suitcases

I’m a big fan of lightweight suitcases, mostly because I’m not the lightest packer and it gives me more baggage allowance! The IT Luggage series is the world’s lightest luggage and can be bought as a set of three or separately, depending on the size you need.

Price: $167.96 (set of three)

30. Cute Backpack

Great for strolling around a new city during the day, why not treat yourself or a loved one to one of these cute backpacks? It features various pockets, with one that fits a laptop up to 13″.

Price: $26.34

31. Foldable Travel Bag

If you’re purchasing a gift for someone who likes to shop when they travel, then this is the solution! Never run out of space again with this foldable travel bag. Pack it for your outward journey and use it for your purchases on your return.

Price: $10.99

32. Weekender Bag

For some stylish weekender bags, visit EtsyYou’ll find adventure duffel bags or canvas weekender bags to suit your need.

Price: $27.99

33. Makeup Bag

I’ve mentioned this Lay N Go makeup bag before because it’s so practical when travelling. You just open it out and you can see everything that’s in your bag, without having to root around. Simply pull the drawstring when you’re finished with it for a compact makeup bag.

Price: $19.99

34. Electronics Organizer

Keep all your cables and gadgets in one place with this electronics organizer, which comes in various different colours to suit your style.

Price: $25.99


No matter where you go or what you do, one thing’s for sure… You’ll need clothes to do it (unless you’re going to a nudist colony)! Here’s my pick.

35. Adventure TShirt

Treat someone to this adventure tshirt for their next adventure trip. Unisex super soft shirt, fits like a well-loved favorite,

Price: $23.99

36. Water Shoes

Water shoes are great for water activities or hiking or just a stroll on the beach.  Designed to protect your feet both in and out of water, these water shoes are quick drying and come in a multitude of colours.

Price: $29.99

37. Hiking Boots

For hiking boots, stability and waterproof are key. The North Face Women’s Hedgehog Fastpack II include both of these qualities. There is also a men’s version of these boots.

Price: $129.95

38. Waterproof Socks

Perfect for outdoor adventurers who like to hike, cycle or run, these unisex breathable waterproof socks will ensure your feet are kept dry throughout the day.

Price: $24.99

The Main Gift

Depending on how much you love them, you may be willing to spent a little more on your loved onces this Christmas! Here’s my pick for the main gift.

39. Noise Cancelling Headphones

With a 30 hour battery life, these Sony noise cancelling headphones will get anyone through a long haul flight or a long hike. They’re wireless so there’ll be no getting tangled in wires!

Price: $229.99

40. Wooden World Map

This wooden world map will make a beautiful addition to your living room or home office decor. Pick out new places to visit and reminisce over adventures had.

Price: $59

41. Go Pro

I take my GoPro on every adventure I go on. It’s been ziplining and underwater to name a few adventures. It’s not always necessary to get the newest and most expensive. I have the GoPro Hero6 Black and it’s still perfect.

Price: $199

42. Drone

Out of all the gifts for adventurers on the list, this one could make dreams come true. Adventurers love to get the best shot from the best angle and the Syma X500 drone can help makes those dreams a reality.

Price: $199.99

43. Kindle

I like to take a book with me when I travel. It’s great for the airport lounge, the plant, sitting by the pool, camping, but you don’t always want to carry a book (or if you’re a fast reader, two books!). With a Kindle Paperweight, you can have all your books on the small device to read at any time.

Price: $129.99

44. Ukulele

What does a ukulele have to do with travel and adventure? Well I fully intend to bring my ukulele up to the top of Mount Kilimanjaro when I take the trip. It’s a small instrument that anyone can learn with time and it’s perfect for sitting around the campfire at night!

Price: $39.95

45. Tinggly Voucher

If all else fails, treat your loved one to a Tinggly voucher this Christmas, where you can choose from activities and experiences worldwide or a mini getaway.

Pin Christmas gift ideas for adventurers and travel lovers

So there’s my list of 45 gifts for adventurers and travel lovers this Christmas. Do you know anyone who would like any of these gifts? Are any of these on your Christmas wish list this year? Let me know in the comments below!

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  1. Absolutely love this, what a brilliantly comprehensive list. Thanks for pulling it all together. There’s some great inspiration on here, and it’s great to see that packing cubes are getting the attention they deserve – those things are a life saver when you’ve got a small baggage allowance! Thanks again for sharing 🙂

  2. Great gifts here! I can attest that refreshing facial spray is a MUST after a long haul flight and ready to tackle the new city no matter what time it is!

  3. Love this comprehensive list. I especially love the printable skyline map and the fact that you highlighted some small business owners, too! I long for the day when we can all travel freely and safely again ❤️

    1. Thanks Seraine! The printed skylines are actually my own small business shop 🙂
      I did highlight some of my favorite Etsy stores too though. I’m glad you liked these!

  4. I love to travel and so do a quite a few people on my list. This guide was so helpful for me to find some gifts for that list! My DIL loves to travel and even went to Antarctica! My son loves to hunt in our Wyoming mountains and I found gifts for both of them. Now to go back through for my hiking nephews. So glad I stopped by from Twitter. 😉

  5. You have some GREAT suggestions on here! We are currently in the market for inflatable kayaks for my husband and I – specifically, researching which brands are the better choice when there are dogs involved (as we would love to take our pups out paddling more often). We have rented canoes in the past and they love heading out on the water, so this is the next step!

  6. This was an absolutely wonderful list! And I am really pleased to see how inclusive this list is which combines both low budget as well as high budget gifts. Keep on writing more lists like these!

  7. I think ear plugs should be on every mom’s Christmas list this year. My toddler apparently has discovered her voicebox again and loves running around the house screaming…just to scream. Very thoughtful list, I’ll be adding some of these to the gift list!

  8. I am a traveller and love all the ideas you’ve suggested. Packing cubes are amazing and I love them particularly when I’m changing cities and hotels every few days when on a longer trip. Thanks so much for these gift ideas!

    1. Thanks Jodie! I have a problem with packing cubes, in that I keep buying different colours and different types just because I love them! They’re so handy. I also have one small one in my carry on with spare clothes (just in case!).

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