Fall or Autumn, whatever you call it, there’s no denying it’s the most beautiful visual season of them all, with the leaves changing into a kaleidoscope of colours. My autumn bucket list destinations include some of the world’s most scenic places to witness the illumination of colours.

Fall Bucket List Destinations

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Why travel in Autumn

  • It’s out of the high season, just after the summer. Kids are back to school and most people have already taken a trip in the summer, so you can be sure to find less tourists wherever you go
  • Given that it’s shoulder season, you’ll be able to pick up a great deal on flights and hotels
  • The beauty of autumn foliage

My autumn bucket list destinations begin here…

Amsterdam, Netherlands

Amsterdam Netherlands Autumn Bucket List

The autumn months in the Netherlands span from September to November and are some of the most beautiful months the city sees, in which the canals and cobble-stone streets are filled with golden leaves.

Autumn bucket list item in Amsterdam

Take a canal cruise to see the vibrant Autumn colours on the trees. If boats aren’t for you, just take a stroll instead.


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Bavaria, Germany

Bavaria Germany Autumn Bucket List

Bavaria, located in the south of Germany, is a sight of rich reds, oranges and yellows during the autumn months.

Autumn bucket list item in Bavaria

It’s got to be Neuschwanstein Castle in Southern Bavaria. Perched on a rugged hill surrounded by greenery, this 19th century Romanesque Revival Palace is just what you would expect to come out of a Disney movie. You can enjoy a 35-minute guided tour inside the palace, however the beauty lies within the grounds, which you can roam freely without any charge.

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Belfast, Northern Ireland

Belfast Northern Ireland Autumn Bucket List

Northern Ireland is a beauty at the best of times, but the autumn colours bring it to life with golden leaves falling onto the paths below.

Autumn bucket list item in Belfast

Take an hour’s drive from Belfast City and get lost in Glenarif Forest Park in the Glen of Antrim, where you can hike around the most beautiful waterfalls and lakes.

Kruger National Park, South Africa

Krugar National Park Autumn Bucket List

Because it’s in the Southern Hemisphere, the season of autumn runs through the months of March, April and May.

Autumn bucket list item in Kruger National Park

Autumn is a great time to go on safari at Kruger National Park with warm crisp temperatures during the day and less tourists around. It’s also easier to spot the Big 5 during autumn.

Kyoto, Japan

Kyoto Japan Autumn Bucket List

Kyoto, the ancient capital of Japan sees autumn lasting from mid-October to mid-December, peaking in late November. Autumn is the best time to visit one of the many temples and shrines as they often hold seasonal events.

Autumn bucket list item in Kyoto

Take a stroll down the Philosopher’s Path, a 1.5km pathway leading from Ginkakuji Temple to Nanzenji and explore the nearby temples, shrines and cafes along the way.

New England, US

New England Autumn Bucket List

New England is famously known for it’s stunning foliage during autumn (or fall as it’s known in the United States). So much so, that the locals of the region have dubbed the many tourists who flock there in the autumn as ‘leaf peepers’.

Autumn bucket list item in New England

Get your designated driver at the ready and go vineyard hopping around no less than 14 vineyards dotted along the New England Coastal Wine Trail.

Scottish Highlands, Scotland

Scottish Highlands Autumn Bucket List

The Scottish Highlands are brought to life with autumnal foliage and wildlife during the months of September, October and November. Almost one fifth of Scotland is covered in trees, so you can only imagine the multicoloured landscape during autumn.

Autumn bucket list item in Scottish Highlands

Visit the Glenfinnan Viaduct, which is more famously known as the bridge from the Harry Potter movies. You can make your way there yourself or take a small group tour.

Wicklow Mountains, Ireland

Wicklow Mountains Autumn Bucket List

While the Wicklow Mountains are stunning all year round, autumn brings a specific golden hue to the mountains.

Autumn bucket list item for Wicklow Mountains

Bring a picnic up to Ireland’s highest waterfall, Powerscourt Waterfall, standing at 121 meters high, or visit the monastery and lakes at Glendalough.

Yosemite, California

Yosemite, California Autumn Bucket List

Visiting Yosemite National Park in the fall allows you to witness the natural beauty the valley has to offer.

Autumn bucket list item in Yosemite

With so much to do in Yosemite National Park, I couldn’t stick to just one item. Take a hike up Half Dome if you’re an experienced hiker. Or watch the waterfalls cascade over the cliff from the base of Yosemite Valley for hours.


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Have you visited any of these autumn bucket list destinations? Which ones are on your autumn bucket list? Let me know in the comments below!

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  1. It is summer all year round where I am from, and my favorite time of the year to travel is in autumn! I love the colors of the fall, and I would never be able to experience it otherwise. I visited Melbourne last year and winter came a little late, so the trees were still shedding their orange and reddish brown leaves. It was so beautiful! One of my biggest bucket list goals is definitely to visit a country (perhaps one of those in this list) at the peak of autumn. Thanks for sharing!

    1. I’m the very same, here in Dubai it’s pretty much hot or hotter (with a little rain for a couple of days during the year). Melbourne sounds just lovely! I haven’t been myself but maybe I’ll consider going around the fall now.

  2. Oh wow. All these places look so beautiful. I would love to visit them sometime too. Thanks for sharing them. Fall is one of my favorite seasons. It is just so pretty outside!

    1. Thanks Charity, it really is so pretty with all the colours. I do love winter when it snows too, although I haven’t seen that in a while, living in Dubai!

  3. Wow, all of these locations are really striking Ellie! Fall has always been my favorite season, but I’ve lived in places without fall (Phoenix & Hawaii) for 11ish years now. So a trip like this would be right up my alley! I’ll add it to my post-covid bucket list. Thanks for sharing the beauty!

  4. Beautiful photos. I have visited Kyoto in November. The weather and surroundings were beautiful and its place on the bucket list is well deserved.

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