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We all know there’s not much travel going on right now. So, how can us travel bloggers come up with travel blog post ideas when we’re not going places?  Just because travel has stopped, doesn’t mean your travel blog has to suffer.

People are always looking plan trips, have something to look forward to, even if it’s not going to happen in the immediate future. And they need inspiration from us, whether it’s from previous trips we’ve taken, virtual tours or epic bucket list places to visit.

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Travel blog post ideas for when you can't actually travel

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Travel blog post ideas for when you can’t actually travel

Virtual Tours

You may not actually be there in person, but a virtual tour can fill you with inspiration for your next trip. Luckily for us, some travellers have put together videos of their trips and turned them into virtual tours.

More and more companies are also offering virtual tours of their museums, towns, diving trips and theme parks.  In fact, I’ve found this Harry Potter Virtual Tour that’s coming up soon, I can’t wait to check it out!

So, watch some virtual tours and make a list of your favourites for a post on your travel blog. Need some inspiration? Check out these virtual tours you can take from the comfort of your own home.  

Best Travel Accessories

Gift opportunities are always just around the corner, be it Christmas, birthdays or what I like to call ‘just because’ gifts! Write a post about your favourite travel accessories you can’t live without while travelling and your readers will find inspiration for gift ideas for their travel addicted friends and family.

This kind of post can also give you the opportunity to make some affiliate sales!

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How To Plan A Trip To [Blah]

As things start to look up, we can start planning our post-covid trip. Do a poll online and find out where your readers want to go when they’re free to travel. Then write a post about that destination and how to plan a trip there.

Packing Guides

Packing guides are especially helpful for those of us (guilty!) who tend to overpack for a trip. Help your readers out by putting together a list of items they need to bring when visiting a specific place, recommend items you already have and love and you may even make an affiliate sale.

By writing about this now, your readers can start planning an upcoming trip in advance, rather than having to purchase items at the last minute before their trip.

10 Places To Visit For Adventure

One for your adventure junkie readers, write a post on the best places you’ve visited for adventure activities. Where is the best place to skydive, go skiing, hiking?

How To Do Travel Research

Write a post to let your readers know the best websites / apps you use to research destinations and your go to sites for booking flights, hotels and tours.

How To Travel During The Pandemic

While it’s not recommended, there are people who must travel during the pandemic, including medical staff, people who have to return to their home country after losing a job abroad, etc. Write a post about how best to stay safe while travelling during the pandemic.

Favourite Cities You’ve Been To

Write about the best places you’ve visited and give your readers ideas of where they can go. Be sure to include a range of places to target all your readers – adventure trips, sun holidays, best countries for solo travel.  

Your Travel Bucket List

Inspire people to start a bucket list of all the places they want to visit in their lifetime. I myself have created an epic bucket list with over 150 items on it. Every time I look at it, I’m reminded to plan my next big adventure.

Travel Inspired Books

For those who still want to learn about new cultures and experience the feeling of being abroad, even when they can’t travel abroad, they can get lost in a good book. Honestly, my favourite book has made me want to sail around the world!

Here’s my favourite – Love With A Chance Of Drowning

Are you a travel blogger who has lost motivation or inspiration during the pandemic? I hope this list helps you out with your writing and hopefully you’ll be back to making new travel memories and writing about them in no time.

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